Become a Supplier and Partner to Support Acro Clients

Acro realizes your firm has many strengths including, being a strong recruiting organization, having a proven candidate network specializing in certain job categories and/or geographic markets. By becoming a staffing supplier to leading Acro clients, you can leverage these strengths and increase your business.

By being an Acro Partner, you will:

  • Gain quicker access to all applicable job orders.  No longer will you miss open job orders because you heard about them after someone else filled them.
  • Free your sales staff to focus on recruiting.Spend less time on the phone looking for business and increase the amount of time doing what you do best – Recruiting!
  • Consolidate by having a central point of contact.  Stop wasting valuable time going through stacks of business cards looking for the right phone number just to ask a simple question. All questions, concerns, information can be accessed through a single point of contact!
  • Receive timely feedback on submittals. No longer wonder whatever happened with your submittal because no one bothered to let you know of the decision. With Acro, once a decision has been made on your candidate, you are notified immediately!
  • Receive payments quicker with electronic invoice/payment. Late, or non-payments are a thing of the past. Gain the luxury of knowing you will be paid on time each pay period.

Apply today to join the Acro supplier network and increase your client base and revenue potential. Please contact Bashar Zoma (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information.