Gambling can be fun when it's in a casino. Business is another matter. Temporary-to-hire staffing gives you the unique option to evaluate an employee on your site before making a final hiring decision―ensuring the new employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture, and day-to-day responsibilities.

We’ll alleviate the burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees and provide you with pre-vetted highly skilled candidates. Our reasonable evaluation period minimizes your hiring risk, because we will retain the employee on our payroll while you evaluate his or her performance. Finding the right talent is always a win for everyone. 

Your business is a living entity. To maintain itself, a company requires a stable and skilled workforce. To maximize opportunities for growth, it needs to build on that workforce with quality candidates well-suited to required positions.

Acro understands that a contract staffing firm has a huge responsibility to its clients. You count on us to not only maintain a database of exceptional talent, but to advise you on the best candidates for your needs. We give you the power to utilize a wide range of professionals from a diverse spectrum―Information Technology, Engineering, Design, Accounting & Finance, Life Sciences, Legal and many many more. We also can assemble entire teams to tackle complex or multiple staffing assignments. Acro is proud to be your partner, because we know how to deliver the best staffing solutions for our clients. That is why 95% of our business is repeat business.

Acro uses its innovative recruiting processes and global reach to deliver talented professionals in a variety of fields and professions. Acro constantly monitors workplace and technology trends, as well as emerging issues in the global economic environment. We partner with our clients to forecast demand and develop effective staffing strategies. Our knowledge is your power. 

As a 30-year veteran in the staffing industry, Acro has invested significantly in developing tools, techniques, methodologies and industry alliances enabling it’s staffing specialists to locate top talent and pull them directly into its proprietary IRM system. IRM’s candidate database is Acro’s foremost candidate source for all new job openings and contains active as well as passive pre-screened applicant pools. IRMsearch capabilities match the right people to the right jobs, rapidly and reliably.

Acro also utilizes RiteSourceSM, a proprietary selection, screening, sourcing and hiring methodology to meet and its customer’s requirements for professional and administrative positions.

Acro’s mobility solutions help corporate clients and business units bridge the gap between technological vision and market reality. Our dedicated professionals combine mobile technology experience with business consulting expertise to assist companies in strategy formulations, product road map development and new service offerings in the mobile space, to drive new revenue streams, increase customer loyalty, and speed time to market.

Our mobility expertise includes Business Strategy Consulting specializing in strategic planning to help enterprise organizations capitalize on market opportunities.  The key to our Business Strategy Consulting services is our ability to combine our know-how of functional areas with our deep knowledge of mobile technology. 

We not only provide high level strategy services but also work alongside the client to realize those strategies through implementing the following services associated with Business Strategy Consulting:

  • Strategy Development - including visioning, strategic planning and strategic risk assessment.
  • Financial Analysis - including business case and pro forma financial development.
  • Market Analysis - including market research, market trial and launch planning, segmentation approaches, and channel strategies.
  • Strategic Sourcing - including procurement strategies, RFP strategies, and vendor management strategies.

Our Business Strategy Consulting focuses on solving challenges at the intersection of business and technology and consists of senior technology professionals with advanced degrees and a deep understanding of the business implications of a client’s technology decision. 

Our industry leadership and proven practices offer clients consulting services in the following areas:

  • Architecture and Evolution – including next generation architecture, bandwidth evolution, deployment planning, emerging applications, and SWOT analysis.
  • Technology Planning – including technology adoption and risk assessment, integration and transformation, product and services roadmap, and convergence strategy.
  • Program & Product Management Office – including product development PMO, RFP and RFI development, management and recommendations and value chain optimization.
  • Innovative Process and Tools – Customized solutions for mobile social networking platform, mobile content sharing platform, mobile advertising platform, next generation messaging platform and mobile payment platform.

Acro knows the value of technical talent. In today's competitive market, engineers and IT professionals can be tough to find. Not for Acro. We use our extensive and diverse network of experts from around the world to develop custom talent acquisition and management strategies for our clients. Acro recruiters are experts in people and technology. With singular focus and drive, they find employees with the right mix of experience and skills to help Acro clients succeed.

Well-trained professionals can make an immediate impact on your business. You can trust Acro to find those professionals who will excel in your open positions.

IT Specialties:

  • System Administration Professionals
  • Software Engineers 
  • Network Engineers 
  • System Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Systems/Business Analysts
  • ERP Specialists
  • More

Every business must find and maintain a harmonious balance between itself and the prevailing economic climate. The best businesses can adapt to changing economic forecasts and even seize opportunities in the midst of adapting. That's where Acro comes in. We believe that BPO is not just about “outsourcing.” Rather, it is an ongoing process of adaption and audacity from sustaining existing business, diving into new business, and eventually maintaining overall growth. Be it enticing your potential customers, management of all your important data, or trouble shooting technical problems or administration issues, Acro BPO solutions in the procurement, human resources, accounting and finance, legal and technology areas will help you.

In today's work environment, improvisation and innovation are key. Managers at all levels must do more with less, a fact that often threatens projects or entire business functions due to lack of focus and attention to detail. Hiring constraints limit the ability to increase full time resources to meet demands, while temp labor assignment caps jeopardize productivity gains and the retention of core intellectual capital within your company. Acro leverages its core staffing expertise to our BPO solutions. With Acro, you can expect labor and process efficiencies including use of resources in low-cost world geographies, stabilized work outcomes, and optimized business results. We let you focus on the core competencies of your business while we maximize results from savvy planning, analyzing, management, strategizing, and recruitment.