Independent Contractors 

Independent contractors can be a great asset to a company. They can also be a concern. Employing a 1099 Independent Contractor (1099/IC) allows your company to benefit from the contractor’s niche expertise, while avoiding some of the costs associated with hiring in-house employees, including insurance benefits and worker’s compensation taxes. Yet 1099/ICs can raise other legal and financial issues. Managing contractors as if they were in-house employees can lead to costly employee misclassification mistakes.

Acro knows how to correctly classify your employee population based on a qualification program that keeps our clients out of harm’s way. We maintain a pool of properly vetted contractors. Our program provides cost-effective co-employment services in which the contractor continues to work for the client, with Acro as the employer of record. Benefits include:

  • Background checks, I-9 status checks, and other screening processes as specified by the client.
  • Consultation on pay rates based on knowledge of industry and geographic markets.
  • Full compliance with I.R.S. classification standards.
  • Workload relief for your internal team through outsourced management and payroll services.

We have built an independent contractor model that delivers high-end talent and mitigates risk. You get proven results and put the bite on high-end costs.