Fair Employment Practices Agency Listing

Fair Credit Reporting Act - A Summary of Your Rights (English)

Fair Credit Reporting Act - A Summary of Your Rights (Spanish)

Minimum Wage Requirements - State & Federal (English)

Salary History Bans - State and Local Laws (English)

Voting Rights - All States (English)

Arizona - Constructive Discharge (English)

Arizona - Discrimination is Prohibited in Employment (English)

Arizona - Safety and Health Protection on the Job (English) 

Arizona - Smoke-free Arizona "No Smoking" Sign (English) 

Arizona - Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids (English) 

Arizona - Workers Compensation (English, Spanish)

Arizona -  Paid Sick Time (English)

Arizona- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English) 

Arizona - Unemployment Insurance Benefit Information (English)

California- COVID-19 Non-Food Sector Employees Poster (English)

California - Disability and Paid Leave Benefits (English)

California - Family Rights Act (English)

California - Harassment & Discrimination (English)

California- Sexual Harassment (English)

California- Health Insurance Premium Program (English)

California- Compensation Threshold Increase- Computer Software Engineers (English)

California- Computer Professional Salary Exemption

California - Transgender Rights In The Work Place (English)

California - Your Rights as a Pregnant Employee (English)

California - Family Care, Medical Leave, Pregnancy Disability Leave (English)

California - Short Term Disability (English)

California - Short Term Disability (Spanish)

California- Workers'' Compensation Claim Form

California - Paid Sick Leave (English)

California- Salary History Ban

California- Broward County Wage Recovery Ordinance

California - Berkeley Paid Sick Leave (English)

California - Emeryville Paid Sick Leave (English)

California - Los Angeles Minimum Wage Paid Sick Leave (English)

California - Oakland Paid Sick Leave (English)

California - San Diego Paid Sick Leave (English)

California - San Francisco Lactation In The Workplace (English)

California - San Francisco Paid Sick Leave (English)

California- San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance (English)

California - San Francisco Salary History (English)

California - Santa Monica Paid Sick Leave (English)

California - Programs for the Unemployed (English)

Chicago - Minimum Wage Notice (English)

Colorado - Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (English & Spanish)

Colorado- Employment Affirmation Form (English)

Connecticut- Paid Sick Leave (English)

Connecticut- Sexual Harassment Policy

Connecticut - 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave (English) - Beginning July 1, 2022

Connecticut- Unemployment Packet (English/Spanish)

Delaware - Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Delaware - Sexual Harassment Notice (English)

Delaware- Salary History Ban (English)

District of Columbia - Pregnancy Worker''s Fairness Act (English)

District of Columbia - Family Paid Leave (English)

District of Columbia - Sick and Safe Leave Notice (English)

District of Columbia- Workers'' Compensation Form (English)

District of Columbia- Wage Theft Prevention Act (English)

Georgia- Separation Notice (English)

Georgia- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program

Hawaii- Disability Compensation (English)

Hawaii- Healthcare and Medical Assistance (English)

Illinois - Chicago Paid Sick Leave (English)

Illinois - Cook County Earned Sick Leave (English)

Illinois- Workplace Transparency Act (English)

Illinois - Service Member Employment and Reemployment Rights (English)

Illinois- Unemployment Insurance (English)

Illinois- Day and Temporary Labor Required Postings (English)

Illinois- Pregnancy Rights (English)

Illinois- Workplace Transparency Act

Illinois- Worker Verification Form (English)

Kansas- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

Kansas- Information for Injured Employees (English)

Louisiana- Worker''s Claim Information for Unemployment (English)

Louisiana- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

Maine- Paid Leave 

Maine- Paid Sick Leave (English)

Maine - Portland Minimum Wage Notice (English) 

Maryland - Equal Pay Law (English) 

Maryland - Sick and Safe Leave (English)

Maryland - Pregnancy Accommodation (English)

Maryland - Montgomery County Earned Sick and Safe Leave (English)

Maryland- Earned Income Tax Credit (English)

Massachusetts - Act Relative to Domestic Violence (English)

Massachusetts - Anti-Harassment Policy and Reporting Procedure (English)

Massachusetts - Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (English)

Massachusetts- Healthcare Coverage (English)

Massachusetts - Sick/Safe Leave (English)

Massachusetts- Unemployment Insurance Benefits (English)

Massachusetts- Salary History Ban (English)

Michigan - Paid Medical Leave (English, Spanish and Arabic)

Michigan - Unemployment Benefit Information (English)

Michigan - Workforce Opportunity Wage Act Minimum Wage Poster (English)

Minnesota – Duluth Earned Sick Time (English)

Minnesota - Minneapolis Sick/Safe Time (English, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Lao, Hmong, Chinese, Oromo, and Amharic)

Minnesota - St. Paul Earned Sick/Safe Time (English)

Minnesota Wage Disclosure Protection (English)

Minnesota- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

Missouri- Unemployment Insurance Benefits (English)

Missouri- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

North Carolina- State and Federal Workplace Poster (English)

Nevada - Paid Leave

Nevada- Bans Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing (English)

Nevada- Workplace Safety (English)

Nevada- Unemployed Worker Notice (English)

Nevada- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

Nevada- Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act

New Jersey - Discrimination in Employment (English)

New Jersey- Wage and Hour Law (English)

New Jersey - Disability Benefit Plan (English)

New Jersey - Right To Be Free of Gender Pay Inequity (English)

New Jersey - Paid Family Leave Act (English)

New Jersey - Safe Act (English)

New Jersey - Paid Sick Leave Notice (English)

New Jersey - Paid Sick Leave Notice (Spanish)

New Jersey - Whistleblower Act (English)

New Jersey- Unemployment Insurance (English)

New Jersey- Conscientious Employee Protection Act (English)

New Jersey- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

New Jersey- Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report Records (English)

New Jersey- Equal Pay Act (English)

New Jersey (New Brunswick)- Paid Sick and Safe Leave (English)

New York- Required Postings (English)

New York Paid Sick Leave

New York - Paid Family Leave Policy (English)

New York - Westchester County Earned Sick Leave (English)

New York - New York City Lactation Room Accommodation (English)

New York - New York City Reasonable Accommodation for Pregnant Workers (English)

New York- New York City Sick and Safe Leave- Effective 1/1/21 (English)

New York - New York City Stop Sexual Harassment Act Poster (English)

New York - New York City Temporary Work Schedule Change FAQ (English)

New York - New York City Temporary Work Schedule Change Poster (English)

New York- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

New York- Notice and Acknowledgement of Pay Rate and Payday (English)

New York- Paid Time Off to Vote (English)

New York - State of New York Domestic Violence Victims Leave Policy (English)

Oregon - Equal Pay Law Poster (English)

Oregon - Family Leave Act Poster (English)

Oregon - Paid Sick Time Notification (English)

Oregon- Workers'' Compensation Claims (English)

Oregon- Medicaid and Children''s Health Insurance Program (English)

Oregon- Overtime Pay (English)

Oregon- Portland Sick Leave (English)

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Fair Chance Hiring Law (English)

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Paid Sick Time (English)

Pennsylvania- Philadelphia COVID 19 Pandemic Paid Sick Leave (English)

Pennsylvania- Pittsburgh Paid Sick Time (English)

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Pregnancy Accommodation (English)

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Wage Theft Complaints (English)

Pennsylvania- Residency Certification Form (English)

Pennsylvania- Workers'' Compensation Act (English)

Pennsylvania- Salary History Ban (English)

Puerto Rico- Salary History Ban (English)

Puerto Rico- Sick Leave (English)

Rhode Island - Paid Sick and Safe Leave Employee Notice (English)

Rhode Island - Pregnancy Accommodation (English)

Rhode Island - Temporary Disability Insurance (English)

San Fransisco Paid Leave and The Coronavirus

South Carolina - Employment Discrimination Poster (English)

Tennessee- Separation Notice (English)

Texas- San Antonio- Sick and Safe Leave

Vermont - Earned Sick Time Act (English)

Washington D.C.- Paid Family Leave Act (English)

Washington- Paid Family Leave Act (English)

Washington - Paid Sick Leave (English) 

Washington - Family Care Act (English) 

Washington - Pregnancy & Paternal Leave (English)

Washington - Military Spouse Leave of Absence (English)

Washington - Domestic Violence Leave (English)

Washington - Leave for Certain Emergency Services Personnel (English)

Washington - Family Leave Act (English) 

Washington - Seattle Paid Sick Leave (English)

Washington- Spokane Sick and Safe Leave (English)

Washington - Tacoma - Paid Sick Leave (English)

Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act